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How to Choose the Best Bedding For Your Room Are you looking to redo your bedroom with the best bedding...

How to Choose the Best Bedding For Your Room

Are you looking to redo your bedroom with the best bedding you can find? Check out this guide on how to choose the perfect bedding for your needs.


11% of people living in the United States complain of not getting enough sleep every single night. Furthermore, 70% of people living in the United States state that they don't get enough sleep at least one night a month.

If you're also having trouble sleeping at night, it may be because of your bedding. Without the best bedding for your sleeping needs, you could be putting strain on your body at night.

The kind of sheets and blankets that you invest in matter. Every detail, even the color, can affect the kind of sleep that you get at night.

But, how can you pick the right bedding for you? Keep reading to find out.

Spark Your Creativity

Before you start picking out colors and fabrics, you need to get an idea of the vibe that you want. Your bedding is the main feature of your room, so it carries the theme for your entire room.

The easiest way to pick a theme is by creating a mood board. You can use Pinterest, Google Images, or a similar platform to look for bedroom ideas. Then, you can gather pictures that you like.

From there, knock down your pictures to a few photos that have a similar vibe. These will serve as your mood board or inspiration photos while you're looking through bedding options.

If you're particular about the color scheme in your bedroom, you should know the exact shades that you're looking for. You can use paint swatches while you're shopping or you can bring things from your bedroom that you want to match your bedding with.

Solid vs. Patterned Bedding

One of the biggest decisions that you're going to make is whether you want solid or patterned bedding. This choice can change the entire vibe of your bedroom, so it's an important call to make.

As you create your mood board, you may find a theme in the photos that you're selecting. The bedding in the photos may all be solid or patterned. If you notice one or the other, your choice between solid and patterned bedding is easy.

If you're unsure which kind of bedding you have, you should consider how you want your bedroom to feel.

Solid bedding gives a simple, elegant feel that's similar to the vibe you feel in a hotel. Solid colors are great for winding down after a long day, and they're easy to match with the rest of your bedroom.

Patterned bedding is harder to work with, but it can offer a pop of color in an otherwise monochrome room. You could opt for a simple look or a busy look.

Traditionally, simple looks are better for more mature settings while busy looks are better for child-like settings.

Matching vs Electic

While you're thinking about what you want your bedroom to look like, you should also consider whether you want your entire bed set to match.

Do you like when the pillowcases match the comforter/duvet? Or, do you prefer having different colors or different shades of the same color?

If you're looking for something elegant and easy, a matching bed set is the easiest way to go. A lot of bedding manufacturers even make pre-matched bed sets so that you don't have to worry about doing the matching for yourself.

Choose the Fabrics You Want

Your bedding fabric matters. The right fabric can completely change your nighttime vibe. And, it can help you get a better night's sleep.

No matter what solid or patterned bedding you choose, you can find the right fabric for you.

If you chose a monochromatic theme for your bedroom, you should opt for a textured bed set. This can help differentiate your bedding from the rest of your bedroom. Plus, it can serve as a great base for colored accents that you may want to add to the room later.

Fabrics that have a sheen are popular for formal bedrooms such as guest rooms. Cotton and other fabrics without a sheen work for mature bedroom settings. Any of these choices are great for diffusing the light across your bedroom.

If you opt for velvety fabrics, they may mute the light. So, it could make your bedroom appear darker during the day.

The Benefits of Down Bedding

If you're looking for a luxurious feel for your bedroom, you should consider investing in down bedding.

Down bedding pieces are lightweight yet heat-efficient. So, during cold nights, down bedding can keep you warm without being too heavy. During warmer nights, down bedding is breathable and cooling.

Whether you live in a warm climate, cold climate, or somewhere in between, down bedding can serve as the perfect mediator. You won't have to change out your bedding according to the climate. And, you don't have to worry about sweating or freezing in the middle of the night.

If you do get night sweats, this kind of bedding acts as an evaporator. It wicks away perspiration so that you can stay dry at night.

The consistency of down bedding is also resistant to clumping. So, down bedding is more likely to offer more consistent coverage than other similar kinds of beddings.

The bedding also lasts longer than other options. The bedding bounces back after each wash, making it feel brand new each time you wash it.

Plus, the bedding will retain its insulating power. So, you won't have to worry about the bedding losing its effectiveness over time.

Buy the Best Bedding for You

When it comes to choosing the right bedding, these are the main features you need to keep in mind: color and fabric. The kind of look that you choose is going to depend on the vibe that you want for your bedroom, but the fabric/feel of the bedding should depend on your comfort level.

To get the perfect bedding for you, determine what functions you want your bedding to serve. To get an idea of your bedding preferences, take our pillow quiz. You can apply the things that you learn from the quiz to other pieces of bedding, too.

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