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Getting your house ready for guest in 5 easy steps

5 easy steps to a guest-ready house at the last minute

The holidays are fun and memorable but that doesn't mean it's easy. Spending quality time with family and friends is an investment you will reap from for years to come, so if you'll be hosting, don't let the guest part freak you out. Following are 5 tips to get your house in shape at the last minute or when you're tied up with a million other things to do.

1. The bathroom

You don't have to get down on your hands and knees and scrub your nails off but remove stray hair and wipe down the bowl with some wipes. Hide any personal items and ...boom. it looks so much better. 

2. Scratch n sniff

You removed personal items and stashed them in some discreet corner, now spray your favourite room freshener or perfume. Spraying directly on an object will make the object absorb the smell and maintain it longer. 

3. Clear the entrance

First impressions do count, so place the most emphasis on your entrance and the first room guest will enter. Clear clutter, wipe down the floor and hide any unsightly objects.

4. Music to the ears

Create a calm and inviting atmosphere by playing soft music in the background. It won't change the color of your paint or the situation in the kids playroom but it will add a welcoming elegant vibe to your home.

5. Smile

Guest enjoy visiting where they are welcomed and enjoyed. No one likes to stress anyone out or feel like  a burden. So, paste on a smile (you can do it! The meat roast will wait!) and welcome your guest politely and calmly. Then you can gracefully attend to your last minute tasks without making anyone feel like an intruder instead of the lovely guest they are.

Cheers and happy holidays from Lincove to you!


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