Holidays are the most beautiful time of our life. They can be , anyway. Yes, it can get overwhelming, stressful and exhausting but if done right it can bring out the best in you and those around you. Holiday is a perfect opportunity to draw those close to you closer and express your love and devotion.

Here are some cool gift ideas to show you care, thoughtful gestures that will surely be appreciated and remembered long after the wrapping papers are discarded, the last crumb is licked and the candles are extinguished. 

1- Coffee in bed

It's not just the bolt of caffeine and foamy milky goodness. Everyone likes to be pampered and coffee in bed is the perfect winter treat. When served with love, it just tastes like a cup of heaven.

2- Do not criticise him/her or whine 

What? Yes. This holiday give the gift of smile, smile, smile. Remember to be grateful for the little blessings in your life and make sure your loved ones feel your positivity. It is a worthwhile investment, a gift that will keep on giving. 


3- Prepare his/her favourite food

Sure you can order food and get together with friends or just do popcorn and call it a day but there's something very comforting about someone preparing food just for you. Don't want to cook? Fake it. Order it and prepare it on your own tray or dishes.


4- Let him/her sleep!

Shhhhhh what a great gift! Getting extra snooze while someone takes over your morning duties, a dream come true

5- Personal Touch

Write a few lines to express how you feel, and really mean it. Leave little notes where they will be found later in the day or week. Words written from the heart penetrate the heart.


However you choose to show your love, we wish you happiness and joy.

Happy holidays from Lincove

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