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Nursery Inspiration

Creating your modern nursery

Congratulations! You are entering an exciting, emotion-inducing but exhilarating stage. We are here to help guide you through the nursery design process and applaud this momentous milestone. 

First and foremost, keep things simple and clutter free. In modern design, everyday objects can be a work of art. Look for clean lines and sculptural elements. Opt for a neutral color palette and keep your nursery theme subtle. Remember, less is more. 

Pick a theme. 

(boho chic bedding for a little dreamers nursery) 

Minimal, boho, traditional or modern. Decide on a theme, stick to it and allow all elements to revolve around that. It will keep things easier to decide on because your choices are narrower and whatever you decide to add to the room will make so much more of an impact.

(Modern geometric design bedding for that color pop in a monochrome nursery)


Decided on a theme? Awesome. Let's go! 

Pick the Perfect Palette

Choose Textiles Before Paint

There is nothing worse than finally finding the perfect curtains or the baby bedding of your dreams only to discover the color scheme clashes with your paint job. Given the astounding array of available paint colors and the prevalence of color-match technology, it's definitely easier to choose your textiles first and then buy paint to match.

Elephant baby mat adds fun and functionality to the nursery floor while keeping the decor neutral and soft

Keep it neutral 

Keep things neutral and airy. Your local paint store will provide paint samples or color cards for you to explore in the nursery so you can see how the lighting plays with the colors. Once you decide on a color scheme begin choosing your furniture and decor for the focal point of the room. Think soft and calming colors in neutral tones like greys and greige or pastels. (You can always add that pop of color later on with a quilt or cool stool or framed art)

A faux fur stool, so soft for a cozy and calm vibe

 Stay seated! Choose decor pieces that add functionality too.

Stock Necessities

Purchase all necessary diapers, wipes, lotions, and ointments well ahead of baby's arrival and put them away. Make sure that everything you need remains within arm's reach, so you are never tempted to take a hand off baby.

Keep it simple. Keep it safe.

According to the American Association of Pediatrics, a thin waterproof mattress cover and fitted crib sheet is all your baby needs to be safe and comfortable in their crib.

Bumpers and other crib accessories like sleep positioners or wedges are unnecessary and can even be dangerous. Keep your bedding limited to a blanket and pillow. Excess toys and present unknown risks and are best left out of the crib.



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