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Wash and Dry How-To

You love your pillow and you want to do everything in your power to keep it clean and fresh and allergens free. The recommended time of washing your pillow is every six months although not an iron rule at all.


on a gentle cycle with cold or warm water using high quality detergent. If your washing machine is large enough wash 2 pillows at a time, that will help balance the load allowing the water and detergent to circulate more efficiently. We do not recommend laundry softener.


the pillows for a while ensuring they are completely dry to avoid mildew from developing. Add a couple of towels to speed things up. Add a dryer sheet for extra freshness and toss 2 tennis balls to keep the fill from clumping as they bounce around.

Use Protection

Pillows can collect some disagreeable substances over time caused by natural sweat and oils the body produces. Using a pillow protector is a great way to keep your pillow cleaner for longer without having to wash it. Simply strip and launder the pillow protector as needed. Easy, breezy  fresh and tidy bed.  


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