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Sleep Hacks: How to Get a Better Night Sleep

Sleep isn't just about counting sheep. 62% of adults feel that they don't sleep well. Drowsiness can cause decreased productivity...

Sleep isn't just about counting sheep. 62% of adults feel that they don't sleep well. Drowsiness can cause decreased productivity at work and self-esteem problems. 

Yet you can learn tips for better sleep in no time. You should consider a range of sleep hacks and experiment with them over many days. 

What should you do before going to bed? How can you make your bed a nice place to sleep? What should you do when you can't fall asleep? 

Answer these questions and you can have full nights of refreshing sleep. Here is your quick guide.

Turn Off Your Electronics

Laptops, smartphones, and televisions produce bright blue light. This light is a close approximation of the light that the sun casts. 

Your brain cannot distinguish between artificial and natural lights. This means that your brain will believe the sun is out and will try to stay up for longer periods of time. 

Remove your personal electronics from your bedroom. It is okay to have electronic tools that help you sleep, but they should not produce bright lights. If they do, turn them toward the walls so you can learn how to sleep naturally. 

You should stop using electronics for an hour before going to bed. It may also be helpful to go outside and look up at the night stars. This will let your brain process that it is dark out.

Try Out Different Hues of Noise

Many people know about white noise, which creates steady humming sounds. Radio static and whirring fans provide white noise, and some people find them calming. 

But guides on how to sleep better recommend trying out different noises. Pink noise is flat noise that is intense at low frequencies. Rustling leaves, wind, and heartbeats are examples of pink noises. 

You may find pink noise more calming than white noise. Experiment with different noises during several nights. You can use a radio or a sleep machine in order to produce various noises. 

You can also try nights without any noises at all. You can wear earmuffs or earplugs in order to block out as much noise as possible. Keep in mind that you will never be able to remove all noise from your house.

Have the noise at a loud enough volume that you drown out exterior sounds like traffic. But don't turn the volume all the way up. You don't want the noise to keep you up or overwhelm you.

Wind Down From Your Day

It is very difficult to fall asleep right after extensive exercise or work. Even if your body is tired, your mind might be racing. 

You should try to wind down from your exertion instead of going right to sleep. Do a light activity for 30 minutes before falling asleep like writing or painting. You can also take a shower or bath in order to get yourself comfortable for bed. 

While you are in bed, try to avoid doing anything. This sends the message to your brain that your bed is reserved for sleep. You can have a desk in your room for writing or reading, but don't do anything in bed besides sleeping. 

Create a Comfortable Scent in Your Room 

Scents can ease you into sleep as much as noises can. Think about the scents that you find comforting. 

Try to find natural oils that contain those scents. Sprinkle them on your linens and use reed dispensers to allow them to air out into your room. 

Lavender may be effective as a sleep aid. You can burn a lavender candle in your room during your winddown exercise, or you can use lavender oil. Try not to create an overpowering smell that causes you to cough.

Build a Comfortable Bed

There is no bed type that works for everyone. Some people fall asleep on a very soft mattress, while others have learned how to fall asleep on a hard one. Go to a mattress store and see how different mattress types feel when you lie on them.

But you have to do more than find the right mattress. You need to find the right pillow to accommodate your neck shape and sleeping style. You can take a pillow quiz in order to narrow your options down. 

Get Up if You Wake Up

It is okay if you wake up in the middle of the night. You may need to change your sleeping position or calm down from a vivid dream. Do some deep breathing to calm yourself down and keep your eyes closed. 

But if you can't fall asleep after ten minutes, you can take the opportunity to get up. Your brain wants you to stay awake, so do something while you are up. 

Try to avoid using electronics so your brain is not encouraged to keep you up longer. But you can write a list of chores you need to do or plan ahead for the next day. 

Try to use your hands and your brain. This will make you more tired and let you fall asleep quicker. Writing in a journal or washing some dishes may be enough.

The Best Sleep Hacks

Sleep hacks are not complicated. Stop using bright electronics for an hour before going to bed. Try listening to natural noises while you fall asleep, especially pink noises. 

Ease yourself into bed through a wind-down activity like journaling. Sprinkle some natural oils that calm you down. 

Find the right mattress, pillows, and bedding for a comfortable sleeping experience. But don't panic when you wake up in the middle of the night. Do an activity that uses your hands and brain. 

Build your best bed today. Lincove provides premium pillows at affordable prices. Browse our collections here.

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