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Children's Bedroom

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What size are the children's blankets?

All sets are made to fit a standard crib or toddler bed.

What in the children's line is machine washable?

All cotton bedding, including the pillows, are machine-washable. The children's luxury down pillow comes with a cotton sateen shell that is machine washable.

Will I save if I purchase a bundle?

Yes, our bundles are priced to be more cost-efficient than buying the individual products separately.

The Science of Lincove Sleep

We've got this down to a science. Health starts with a good night's rest, so we developed a pillow with every feature necessary to help you achieve the highest quality sleep. Your best health starts with the right pillow.

Ethically Sourced Down

Lincove pillows are proudly filled with Downmark certified Hutterite white down, signifying the highest quality, humanely sourced authentic white down, fluffed to perfection for the airiest sleep.

Ultra-Fresh 100% Cotton

Lincoves prides itself in leaving the smallest environmental footprint. Which is why we produce everything in North America using OEKO-certified 100% cotton fabric – with no harsh chemicals in the production line.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We always put the customer first. We offer 30 day returns, free shipping in the US, chat support, and a 5 year limited warranty – the highest quality of service to match our unparalleled products.

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