The Mini Goose Down Pillow

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    Our best-selling pillow, shrunken to take-along-everywhere size!
    Ideal for traveling and the perfect size for toddlers. Ensure a blissful night's sleep even when you're traveling. Travel-friendly size. Compact enough to fit in your luggage. Comfortable enough to make it on the "take-along" list. Available in two sizes. Comfortable and compact.
    • 100% Cotton Shell
    • Super Soft 400 Thread Count Sham
    • 50% Canadain Down and 50% Feathers
    • 800 Fill Power
    • Machine Washable
    • Made In Canada

    Our 7 night free trial lets you sleep with our products before you commit to buying––like a test drive for your bed! When you place your order, a temporary hold will be placed on your card, which may appear as “pending” or “processing.” This is to ensure your payment method is valid. We’ll complete the charge after the trial ends. If you choose to end your trial within our return window, we’ll reverse your hold!

    "Feels like I'm just slipping into my happy place."

    -Matthew B.

    Ethically sourced down

    RDS certified.

    The RDS ensures that down does not come from animals that have been subjected to any unnecessary harm, such as force-feeding or live-plucking, provides traceability in the supply chain, and helps validate and track the down used in our products from farm to finished garment. We use only RDS down in our products ensuring that animal cruelty was not compromised in the making of a pillow.

    Firmness. Pick your preference

    Because every individual is unique. Do you like your pillows fluffy and airy or dense and full? We offer pillows in 3 firmness choices, for those that sleep on their back, stomach or side. For stomach sleepers, and those that prefer less density, the soft/medium pillow is a perfect choice. For back and side sleepers who need to keep their spine aligned, a bit more density is necessary, making the medium/firm pillow the ideal choice. Whichever firmness you decide on, always fluff your pillow by rubbing the fill to the centre for that satisfying cloud like feeling as you sink your weary head to rest upon a little mountain of fluff.

    Keep Earth Comfy

    We're on a mission to keep you comfortable—without making our planet uncomfortable. The future goal? A closed-loop supply chain by 2030.

    Each Buffy Eucalyptus Sheet Set is made entirely from our signature eucalyptus (harvested from forests in Austria and the Czech Republic) and sewn with 100% recycled thread. They’re dyed using small-batch natural dyes created from plants, minerals, and insects. For our colors, we used ingredients like turmeric, gardenia, and pomegranate which are then dried, ground into a powder (kind of like matcha), and mixed with water to create a dye bath.

    Eucalyptus lyocell is as durable as cotton (translation: these are sheets you can enjoy for years to come) and gets softer with use and washing. Speaking of washing: 90% of the energy used to wash your linens and clothes goes to heating water! Switch to cold to slash your emissions, preserve color, and opt for a gentle, plant-based detergent free of harmful synthetics. Drying on a line or a hanging rack as opposed to a conventional dryer—second only to refrigerators in household energy use—will also increase the longevity of your sheets. No outdoor space? A wool dryer ball speeds up dry time without contributing to landfill waste with a dryer sheet.

    We offset the CO2 emissions of all shipments from our factory partners to our distribution center to your doorstep and in the future, we aim to offset the emissions generated by our entire supply chain. Today, our sheets ship in recyclable plastic packaging. Our Supply Chain team is committed to developing a recycled plastic or biodegradable alternative.

    Returns are an inherently wasteful process, so we encourage our customers to donate products they wish to return (and we refund them, of course!) to give the product a second lease on life—and reduce CO2 emissions overall. Our roadmap to a closed loop supply chain includes plans for a return take back program that will allow us to turn worn Buffy products into new, comfy essentials.

    Highest quality down pillow I ever owned and AMAZING customer service!

    -Aly H.


    Customer Reviews

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    12x16 is a perfect fit for Boudoir shams! Also great travel pillow!

    I initially purchased this 12x16 travel pillow before I had purchased any of the larger pillows from lincove because I wanted to see how the quality was from this company. I was blown away when this arrived. Every detail had been thought of-from the little travel bag to carry your pillow as you travel to the amazing and thoughtful packaging they send your pillow in. The moment I took my travel pillow out of the box I knew I would be ordering queen and king size pillows from this company because the quality immediately jumps out at you. I have never had a down pillow where the fill bounces back the way this pillow does. You don’t have to punch or fluff it at all. When I rested my head on it, my head sank in like a cloud, but I still felt supported. Did I mention this pillow is soft? So incredibly soft. This is the type of pillow where I don’t even want to bother with a pillowcase because it is so incredibly soft. They also added this perfect lavender/gray trim to the edges that is sophisticated and stylish and matches my bedding! What was even a better happy surprise was this 12x16 travel pillow fit perfectly in my boudoir sham! I love using this little pillow for naps and definitely enjoyed it while waiting for my queen and king size pillows to arrive. I love knowing that any time I travel, I will be able to take my lincove pillow with me! I definitely plan on getting the larger size travel pillow as well as other travel pillows as gifts for family and friends. So if you need a great travel pillow or are just curious about the lincove brand, this is a wonderful way to be introduced to them! Get your travel (boudoir) pillow today!