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Best Pillow Ever!

I ordered the soft standard 100% down pillow for my wife and the medium standard 100% down pillow for myself. After years of trying different memory foam, feather and down substitute pillows, we have found the pillow of our dreams and are both getting better night's sleep than we have in years. I use to toss and turn all night; now I am a sound sleeper. I would heartily recommend this pillow!

Awesome pillow

First time buying a Lincove and I opted for the free shipping. I was kept informed as to the status and it was delivered within 5 days within the time frame stated. It appears to be a little better than advertised. I followed the directions for first time use and tested it out. Wow! Looking forward to sleeping on it through the night and I expect I will be a well rested happy customer. I did opt for the soft as this is what I have always used. This is replacing my 20 year down pillow. I would recommend buying a Lincove pillow.

Throw Pillow Insert
Irene Fostyk
Best Pillow Ever!

I love feather pillows but they don't seem to stay fluffy very long. The lincove pillow is incredible! I get the neck support that I need while feeling like I'm sleeping on a cloud! Recommend the Medium Queen. Get a 100% silk pillow case and you're in heaven!

Travel Pillow

Instead of travel, this is my go-to pillow for sleeping. I sleep on my back and it gives the right amount of neck support. I have found a regular pillow with the right amount of fiber filling tends to close in on me from both sides. This pillow eliminates that problem and provides better sleeping.


Purchased the standard size in the medium density. I am a side sleeper and this pillow is perfect!
I have tried every pillow out there and this is by far the best.

Buttery smooth!

These sheets are buttery smooth and velvety feeling. They feel wonderful and worth it. I love sleeping and it’s an added bonus to sleep in total luxurious comfort. They have an excellent fit, very good sizing and have a good thread count. I love these sheets and I definitely recommend them.

Travel Pillow - Set
Kaye Standridge
Awesome pillow!

I love my new travel pillow. It’s the perfect size and shape for what I needed. I’m very pleased with my purchase.

Wonderful feel

Supportive, soft yet firm feel like a full-size pillow. Love it so much bought another.

Microgel Nap Pillow
Angela Barefoot
The comfort is very nice!

I'm using this pillow to have my head at the correct angle when I sit in my lift chair. This pillow is so comfortable. I've been looking for a pillow for a while! This is it!! Love it!!!

What Nice Quality!!!

First of all they were packed so beautifully! Packaging was top quality, carefully wrapped with tissue paper and the pillows were each in their own carry bag! WOW! they are beautiful and so convenient to travel with! LOVE LOVE these pillows!!!!

Perfect for travel and knee pillow at night

Loved this little pillow for airline travel. Plump enough to give support but supple enough to get it bunched the way you want it. Perfect size for a knee pillow at night too.

my wife loves this pillow

My wife really loves this pillow she says it's soft and still supportive. This pillow does not make her head too hot which is nice because that was the primary complaint about her old pillow. I would say her experience with this pillow has been fantastic and she recommends it.

Best ever

Best pillow I’ve ever laid my head on

Travel Pillow - Set
Greg Collins
Great quality and size

I have a really hard time with synthetic pillows when traveling. My wife is a flight attendant, so travel I must. This fit well in my carry on as it compresses a bit and is the right thickness as I like slightly thinner pillows that don’t hurt my neck.

Travel Pillow
Great soft pillow for the current use and will be great for travel when that happens.

Loved that the pillow had a washable travel case. My dear friend was having shoulder surgery and the pillow is just right to gently support the arm in a sling. On the couch or in the car it will help her be comfortable Just the perfect size. Thankyou

Travel Pillow
Monica Dayle
Perfect little pillow…

I’m not quite sure how I’ve lived without this little pillow. I got it to fill that spot around my neck that a regular pillow just can’t support. I’m a side sleeper and I’d been using a cheap fiber filled decorative pillow that I’d grabbed to help me out on night. All my other pillows are down why wasn’t my little neck pillow? So I went on a quest…on the Lincove website this pillow is $68, here on Amazon, $49 [fantastic] final price after coupon? $37!!! Get out! I also grabbed a silk pillow case and my neck now loves me. It’s firm with nice give and bounces back no matter how much you squish and smash. Cool when you flip as well, I also sleep hot. This size is perfect for travel, would easily fit in back pack, carry-on or suitcase. Packaged nicely with zero odor. I’m super pleased with my purchase and I highly recommend!

Dream Bamboo Pillow - Set
Barbara E Paulson
Best pillow for me

I have a few good pillows but wanted to try this one and couldn’t be happier. I told my husband how good it was and he said I should order another for our summer trailer in northern Wisconsin. I also was shocked that the box it came in was smaller but once out of the box it filled out to normal size. I am heading to my son in Florida and I always travel with my pillow and I’m excited that this comes with the carrying bag. Thank you for such a great pillow.

Nice feel and comfortable

Excellent pillows, very comfortable sleep

Cool and comfortable

This is a great, high-quality pillow! It comes beautifully packaged, in a presentation box and carrying case, with a care guide. Unlike many pillows these days, it's not compressed, but instead comes perfectly fluffed and ready-to-use -- plus it's completely odor-free. The bamboo cover is soft and comfortable and the pillow itself is a perfect combination of softness and supportiveness. It stays cool and is easily re-fluffed. Give it a try and support this wonderful small business! Sweet dreams!

Resort Pillow - Set
phanessa perez

These pillows are ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. Exactly as described, actually they are undersold tbh. They are worth every penny. Delivered perfectly in their individual suitcase style bag, in a box so they arrive perfectly fluffed. They are by far the BEST pillows I have ever had the pleasure of resting my head on. I never write reviews but had to for these babies. Do not hesitate if you have the budget to splurge on hotel quality pillows, BUY them! Absolutely scrumptious ❤️

Resort Pillow - Set
Lewis Powell
Fantastic pillows!!

These luxurious pillows arrived promptly and they are so comfortable. They fluff very well and support the head nicely! Will buy more for my guest bedroom as well.

Resort Pillow
J. Sullivan
Heavenly Comfort and Support!

I recently purchased the Lincove Down Alternative Bed Pillows and they have truly transformed my sleep. These pillows provide the perfect balance of softness and support, cradling my head and neck for a comfortable and restful night's sleep. The hypoallergenic design is a great bonus for allergy sufferers like myself. The pillows are not only plush and durable, but they also maintain their shape throughout the night. If you're looking for luxurious, supportive, and hypoallergenic pillows, I highly recommend the Lincove Down Alternative Bed Pillows.

Better Nights Sleep 🙂

This is the best pillow I have ever had. I have tried My Pillow, Casper down pillow and Hotel style pillows. None of these were working for me. I wish I knew about Lincove sooner. So comfortable.

Amazing soft pillow and great customer service!

I initially purchased a soft King size pillow and after determining that this pillow wouldn't work for me as I'm a back sleeper and it's too soft, I was able to swap it for a Standard size firm pillow free of charge! The customer service is amazing with prompt replies and the quality of the pillows are phenomenal. The firm pillow is perfectly fluffy and offers nice support when sleeping on your back/side. I'll definitely be purchasing from Lincove again in the future.

Your pillow protectors look great when they arrive. However, after they are washed, they are very wrinkled and difficult to iron. Surely you can provide a better quality material that is easier to maintain for the money charged for each one.

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