The Pillow



Understanding different fills: 

Feather vs down: 

Feathers have hard stiff quills, down does not. Feather filled pillows are a lot more economical than down filled pillows, but the insulating property and cloud-like airiness cannot be compared. We do not use any feathers in our products, only down.

Down is a layer of insulation that geese and duck have underneath their feathers to keep them warm and dry. Goose down is chosen for its luxurious warmth, softness, superior resilience, loft and insulating properties, unmatched by synthetic fills. Body temperature is better controlled as well as body alignment during sleeping. 

Down is sourced from many different countries, it is a common misconception that down from one country is superior to that of another. Generally speaking, location does not have any bearing on the quality of goose down. As long as the pillow is filled more than 90% with down and not diluted with inferior fill you can rest assured about the quality of the pillow. 

Another major factor to consider in the quality of your pillow is: 

Fill power (FP)

Fill power refers to the measurement of the loft or fluff. It is the true measure of quality in a pillow and it is tested by measuring the amount of space 1 oz of down takes up. The more space it takes; the higher the fill power. A higher fill power will give you a lighter, more fluffy comforter or pillow for a given warmth level.

Fill Power above 600 is considered luxury quality, 700 FP is a great balance between luxurious feel, durability and cost-effectiveness and the rarest, most luxe is 800 FP.  SHOP NOW


 Do you like your pillows fluffy and airy or dense and full? We offer pillows in 3 firmness choices, for those that sleep on their back, stomach or side. For stomach sleepers, petite -framed people and those that prefer less density, the soft is a perfect choice. For back-sleepers who need to keep their spine aligned, a bit more density is necessary, making the medium the ideal choice. The firm is an ideal choice for side sleepers as it has the most density and firmness. Whichever pillow you decide on, always fluff your pillow by rubbing the fill to the center, toss it slightly in the air for that satisfying cloud -like feeling as you sink your weary head to rest upon a little mountain of fluff.  SHOP NOW


What is RDS

(responsible down standard)

The RDS ensures that down does not come from animals that have been subjected to any unnecessary harm, such as force-feeding or live-plucking, provides traceability in the supply chain, and helps validate and track the down used in our products from farm to finished garment. We use only RDS down in our products ensuring that animal cruelty was not compromised in the making of a pillow. 

Whatever your sleep style or preference, there is a pillow for you. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. SHOP NOW